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CLASS             SCHEDULE

Class descriptions below.




1 pm GYROKINESIS® Mat - Monica



7 am Essential Mat Pilates - Renata

8 am Beginner Reformer - Renata

9:30 am GYROKINESIS® Mat - Monica

2 pm Gentle Mat Pilates - Pam



1 pm Gentle Mat Pilates - Pam



11:30 am GYROKINESIS® Mat - Monica

6 pm Belly Dancing for the Spine - Samantha



8 am Intermediate Reformer - Renata

9 am Intermediate Mat Pilates - Renata




9- 10:30 am Intermediate GYROKINESIS® Mat - Monica


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Class Descriptions


Essential Mat Pilates This is a slower paced class it is done on the floor using your body and sometimes props. You will move your body in every direction increasing both strength and flexibility.


Intermediate Mat Pilates This is an invigorating combination of classic Pilates, fat burning cardiovascular exercises, as well as full body strength and flexibility workout. Clients should be injury free.


Gentle Mat Pilates Pre-Pilates and Level 1 moves to strengthen core, lower back and hips and stretches to balance the body. Props needed: Theraband, Pillow, Towel; some classes may use hand weights and squishy ball. Suitable for beginners and those with injuries.


Reformer Class - Beginner (Reformer Required*) It’s a full body workout. The class flows at a slower pace and focuses on learning and practicing the fundamentals of Pilates techniques and basic reformer exercises.


Intermediate Reformer Class (Reformer Required*) This class adds more challenging positions and coordination to work the body and mind. Experience a total body workout that will leave you feeling stronger and more flexible.


Belly Dancing As one of the oldest forms of dance Belly dance promotes balance, strength, increased flexibility, coordination and confidence as well as being a fun and highly expressive dance form. Utilizing all the spinal motions, we will explore spine health and expansion through this sensual form of dance. This will be a low impact workout.


GYROKINESIS® Mat This class focuses on the continuous flow of rhythmic movements combined with breath to allow the body to expand with a slow yawning quality or move quickly to stimulate the cardiovascular and nervous systems. It usually begins seated on a stool moving the spine through all planes, arch, curl, side arch, spiral, and wave, then progresses to the floor and finally to standing, incorporating functional patterns that will assist you in any sport or daily activity. All levels welcome. The Sunday class is 90 minutes.



*Our Pilates Reformers and EXO® Chairs are available for weekly rentals. Please email or call us to reserve a machine.

Class Requirements


  • We are using for all online classes and private sessions. Please download the app on your device or login from your computer. You don't need to register or pay for using Zoom.

  • You will be sent an email with the class ID# and password to enter the class the morning of your scheduled class.

  • All classes must have at least 2 people registered 6 hours prior to the class start time or it will be canceled.

  • All classes must have at least 1 person present at the time of the live online class for it to be recorded and sent out.

  • You must register ahead of the class time to receive the recording even if you will not be able to attend the live online class. Please let your instructor know via text or email if you will not be attending the live class.

  • We will email you the recording the evening of your registered day and it can be viewed for 3 days.

  • You can register and pay for all classes online at or on the app

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