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All classes will be held at the Manhattan Beach location.

All classes are subject to cancelation at ANY time. Make sure to check the schedule before you come.


All classes with no one registered by midnight before the start of a morning class or noon before an evening class will be canceled.


If only 1 person is registered in a class it will be canceled and that person will have the option to take a private session.

We recommend completing some private sessions before taking a class. See our Intro Offers Here.






11:30 AM - Beginning Gyrotonic Pulley Tower with Monica

6:30 PM - Beginning Gyrotonic Pulley Tower with Monica



11:30 AM - 60 Minute Gyrokinesis Mat* with Monica




10:30 AM - Beginning/Intermediate Gyrotonic Pulley Tower with Monica

6 PM - Intermediate Gyrotonic Pulley Tower with Monica




5:30 PMBeginning Gyrotonic Pulley Tower with Ashley





9 AM - 90 Minute Gyrokinesis Mat* with Monica

10:45 AM - Intermediate Gyrotonic Pulley Tower with Monica



*Gyrokinesis Mat Classes will be in-person AND on Zoom. Just register and let Monica know if you will be attending on Zoom.

GYROTONIC® Pulley Tower Class

This class utilizes the main piece of Gyrotonic equipment, The Pulley Tower. Designed to provide consistent varied resistance as you move through fluid motions in the spine and limbs, it helps increase range of motion while encouraging strength through to the end range of movements. Practiced while sitting, lying down, and standing the Pulley Tower can stimulate the nervous system while providing a swimming like setting to help decompress the joints. Movements flow with continuity, rhythm, and breath all while maintaining a central point to initiate motion. Many sports and dance movements can be directly applied on the machine using resistance to gain awareness in patterning.



This class focuses on the continuous flow of rhythmic movements combined with breath to allow the body to expand with a slow yawning quality or move quickly to stimulate the cardiovascular and nervous systems. It usually begins seated on a stool moving the spine through all planes, arch, curl, side arch, spiral, and wave, then progresses to the floor and finally to standing, incorporating functional patterns that will assist you in any sport or daily activity. All levels welcome. 

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