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Monica Bumatay of GYROTONIC® 
South Bay
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Building strength to breathe and move freely.

We are proud to be the South Bay's only studios to offer Master Trainer sessions, classes, and teacher training in The GYROTONIC® Method.

Come see why people fall in love with this workout with movements derived from dance, swimming, tai chi, and yoga.

Email us today to book an introductory session.


The GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM® is the #1 exercise that I have come across that works, builds and stretches all muscles, particularly the core, while ensuring proper posture and movement that reduces or eliminates the typical daily aches and pains (particularly in the neck, shoulders, back and hips).

B.F. - age 51, male

The long, circular motions of the GYROTONIC® Method are the best therapy for my back problems.  I leave each session energized and -- yes -- moving freely.

S.D. - age 68, female





A system that emphasizes fluid, continuous movement which will enable increased joint mobility, circulation and strength into the end range of motion. Sequences consist of slow or quick rhythmic, circular patterns combined with coordinated breath that slowly transform the body into a more balanced alignment. The smooth, sustained tension of the machines allows for freedom of movement in all 3 dimensions and can be executed standing, sitting, and lying down at any speed or resistance. It can accommodate many particular needs such as dance or sports, but can be adjusted for all levels of movers from young to young at heart.



Usually taught in class format, the work begins with movements of the spine seated on a stool, including arching, curling, side arching, spiraling, and waving, followed by full body strengthening and lengthening on the floor, on a mat, and finally standing. A continuous flow of rhythmic movements combined with breath allow the body to expand with a slow yawning quality or move quickly to stimulate the cardiovascular and nervous systems. Class is limited to 12 people.






Combining breath, flexiblity, strength, coordination, and precision, Pilates has become one of the top workouts in the world. Our Allegro II Reformers by Balanced Body offer a wide range of movement possibilities, keeping your workout fresh and diverse.

Healing Arts



We offer several styles of healing massage and therapeutic bodywork. Call or email for more info.

Private Sessions




Semi-Private Sessions                                                                                                

Healing Arts   

-Alexander Technique



The GYROTONIC® Method Class

 Class is limited to 3 people


The GYROKINESIS® Method Class

Class is limited to 8 people.                                                     

Pilates Reformer Class

 Class is limited to 3 people.


          1811 1/2 Manhattan Beach                  Blvd.

          Manhattan Beach, CA 90266





Moving together...

When Monica and Christina met they immediately connected over their passion for moving. While their backgrounds were as different as can be, Monica with a long history in dance and Christina with a long history in the financial sector, they knew they had to create a place where people could come and find their own love of movement. GYROTONIC® South Bay is a place where people of all ages, backgrounds and mindsets can share their desire to achieve their greatest movement potential, whether that means moving pain free through daily activities or mastering the skills to take your sport to the next level. We are dedicated to helping people find their love of movement and create an intelligent body that will last into their 80's, 90's, even 100's. With people living longer than ever it's crucial that they start being aware of their body in movement.

It's never too late to move freely.

All hours by appointment only. Contact us today to book an appointment.

717 S. Pacific Coast Highway

Redondo Beach, CA 90277

(424) 398-0044

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